Thursday, 24 October 2013

The last Round: Narconon Versus Other Rehabs

How Narconon Fresh Start is different?

Narconon is the most radically different, modern and successful drug rehab program in the world. It is the only program to boast a success rate of 75% and its generous financial policy includes free rehab for people who have a relapse within six months of their release from the Narconon rehab program. No other drug rehab program in the world offers such a policy as they are money minting machines with more focus on profit generation than patient recovery.

Narconon Fresh Start is different in this sense. It is backed by a team of medical experts and physicians, not to mention patient testimonials, and its methods are based on modern scientific methodology and medical practice. Narconon Fresh Start is also the only program in the world which offers drug rehab through non-drug procedures. Most rehab programs focus on drug recovery by pushing even more drugs on patients, but Narconon’s program is completely drug free. The very name Narconon stands for “No Drugs”; Narco meaning drugs and Non meaning No. It is the clients of Narconon that provide the best evidence on the usefulness of the program and its innovative behavioral modification therapy in Narconon fresh Start reviews.

What Narconon does for you?

Narconon believes that the path to drug recovery lies in a holistic approach to the whole problem of drug addiction. Typical drug rehab centers focus on just the physical aspect of drug recovery and completely ignore the mental aspect of it. The mental craving, the indiscipline, the weakness which caused the drug addiction in the first place are completely ignored in other rehab programs. But in Narconon they form a core component of the recovery program.

Narconon’s mental recovery program is closely intertwined with the physical part. It involves communication skills building, willpower exercises and exercises for self-discipline and self-awareness. All of these mental exercises combine to make our patients stronger, resolute, self aware and disciplined which are key elements to preventing a relapse. Along with this mental therapy, we also have a comprehensive physical therapy component. We aim to sweat out the drugs in the person’s fatty cells and circulatory systems by exercise and saunas. This is accompanied by a diet of fresh vegetables and plenty of fluids to ensure the body maintains its strength and toughness and doesn’t succumb to weakness during withdrawal. The complete program will ensure that you graduate from the Narconon program with a complete cleaning of all the drugs in your body and the mental fortitude required preventing addiction in the future.

The first step to recovery

The first step to recovery is always in admitting that you have a problem and you suffer from addiction. There is a stigma attached to addicts in our society but the truth is that society itself has promoted these drugs and now attaches blames to its victims. Narconon is here to help the people who need to kick their addiction and get their lives back on track.

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