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Reshaping Lives with Narconon Fresh Start

Reshaping Lives with Narconon Fresh Start

Narconon is a drug rehabilitation facility based in Los Angeles, California and was founded by a Ron Hubbard nearly half a century ago. Although initially the program was designed for the inmates of the Arizona state prisons at that time, who had a known history of drug and substance abuse, over the years it has expanded and grown steadily so now it has centers all over the states which are helping struggling drug addicts to deal with their affliction.

Turn Over a New Leaf of your Life
Narconon Fresh Start is the main theme of the  services offered by the facility, that has come a long way since it’s humble start and has helped thousands of people regain control of their lives. The staggering almost seventy five percent success rate is the hallmark of its success, more so as the program even offers a six month guarantee during which a ‘graduate’ of the program can return if they feel like they’re not yet ready to face the world and can learn more about how to deal with situations that might solicit their attention towards drugs again, with the full life skills programs. 

Narconon Behavioral Modification Philosophy

At Narconon, our basic belief is that everybody has the potential to recover from drug addiction. All we do is provide the right environment and the psychological support to help ease the transition back to a normal, drug free life that is not controlled by aberrant whims and desires. The theory of Scientology upon which the program was founded, also advocates an approach to healing that addresses both the spiritual and physical selves, which lead to the complete recovery of an individual.

One of the special things to consider about Narconon that is highlighted also in Narconon Fresh Start reviews is their detoxification program that sets it apart from all the other drug rehab programs out there as it employs an entirely drug free approach for the process. The residual drugs within the body are thought to be stored inside the fat cells and are coaxed out by encouraging the individual to exercise or by making them attend a Sauna thereby helping to flush the drugs out of their system. This is followed by a high dose vitamin regimen to make up for the essential vitamins and minerals that were lost during the detoxification process. 
Narconon Fresh Start – a Comprehensive Drug Rehab Program

The program ranges from teaching about social interaction and making meaningful connections to learning to say no to yourself, and have proved to be quite popular with the graduates who claim to have rediscovered life and achieved their ‘fresh start’. Narconon believes that everybody deserves a second chance, and with our drug rehabilitation program we aim to provide exactly that. Furthermore, we are also striving to spread awareness among the younger generation about drug abuse with our ongoing drug education programs for schools to ensure that our children have a drug free future.   

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