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Alcohol Rehab Facilities - A Rehabilitating Place To Be

Alcohol Rehab Facilities - A Rehabilitating Place To Be

Types of Alcohol Rehab Facilities

A patient who takes part in an inpatient rehabilitation program will be living at the clinic for an extended period of time, using anywhere from 30 - 45 days. This will allow the person to get used to a life without alcohol.

At the beginning of any rehabilitation process, the person will completely give up alcohol or in other words, become clean (detoxed). Since withdrawal is accompanied by pain, prescription drugs may or may not be administered during the detoxification portion of the therapy. Once the individual is free of alcohol, then that person will continue the recovery process by using the clinic's preferred method of therapy such as cognitive or the 12 Step approach.

In an outpatient, rehab facility, the person attends the center for treatment but does not stay in residence. In this type of rehab, which occurs during set hours, an addict usually meets with an addiction counselor and participates in group meetings. Many people do not like outpatient therapy because it leaves the patient to his own devices once he leaves the treatment facility.

If you are considering a long-term, alcohol rehab treatment, then you should be aware most of these programs last between 3 to 9 months. A few treatment centers even offer programs that allow the addict to stay there until the addict feels he is ready to return to the "real world" without fear of relapsing. These programs are considered "open-ended". This style of treatment appears to be more successful because the addict has time to learn strategies for healthy living while learning from others who share the same condition.

Some people do not recover well without being near their family members. Residential, alcohol, rehab facilities allow addicts to live with their families while fighting the addiction. Depending on the type of program, the person may be allowed to continue working (but with surprise drug testing). The program length depends on the addict's successful recovery, but it typically can take up to a year.

Alcoholism recovery plans vary as much as the addicts who need them. One size never fits all so if you are looking for a program for you and a loved one, make sure the facility can meet your needs. You can do this by researching treatment centers. The last thing you want to do is pay for a program that will not help you achieve your goal of sobriety.

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