Monday, 23 September 2013

Sham Drug Rehab Schemes

Holistic Drug Rehab - What You Should Know About How it Works

The acceptance of holistic drug rehab in the successful treatment of drug addiction has been growing steadily over recent years. This is because it offers addicts a type of inner peace that they would not otherwise experience through the more contemporary avenues of treatment. As a result many of those who have undergone such therapy report many years and even decades of enjoyment of life without relapse following a successful stay. Some of the major features of this form of drug rehab are: the emphasis on listening and obtaining inner peace, the importance of filling the "gap" and the acceptance of a higher power.


Many other drug treatment programs out there impose on the client their own understanding of the situation without really listening to the needs of the individual and that is the main center of difference. Holistic drug rehab is all about listening to the differing needs of each individual. Drug addiction, like many other illnesses, has its roots based in emotion and the most successful way of combating its ongoing devastation of the person is to listen and understand where it is getting its power from. This form of treatment requires exploration and understanding through listening to how an individual client handles his or her emotions on a daily basis.

Inner peace

When meditation and massage, good eating etc. are used along with talk therapy a person becomes cleansed as well as experiencing effective treatment to his or her addiction problem. It produces an inner peace that many have not experienced previously and an understanding that to successfully receive effective treatment, the remedy must lie in the complete healing of the mind, body and spirit.

Filling the 'gap'

It has often been acknowledged that one of the many reasons a person becomes reliant on taking drugs to get through each day is his or her need to fill a gap, or need, that he or she finds hard to properly explain to therapists. This emptiness, he or she finds, can be temporarily filled with the taking of a drug or alcohol but once the effect diminishes, the feeling of emptiness is still there, maybe even worse. Narconon Holistic drug rehab approaches the problem from this angle by encouraging the client to explore his or her own personal spirituality. With this approach an understanding of each individual's own personal needs becomes apparent and that 'gap' or 'hollow' feeling can be filled with a belief in oneself through an awareness of the existence of every person's spiritual needs.

The higher power concept
In many cases in comes down to a sense of purpose and the acceptance that there is a higher power of some description that expects the individual to play a much greater part in the overall scheme of things than to simply waste his or her life on scoring the next hit. This acceptance of some higher power can then lead one's thoughts to a belief in the lives of others around us and how much we mean to others. If we can accept a higher power concept then it is only a small step to accept the love of others be it in family, friends, or humanity itself.

Drug rehabilitation in this holistic manner is built around the belief that all addicts are, more than anything else, people: people who require help, and people who require treatment, to bring them back

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