Sunday, 1 September 2013

Narconon Fresh Start

Narconon Fresh Start Program Benefits

Narconon means no drugs; it is an organization that has 45 rehab centers worldwide working rehabilitates the persons who are willing to quit the drug addiction. The recovery from drug addiction is a hard nut to crack by the addicts and the organizations performing this job. Drug addiction is worse for it affects the abuser as well as the family around him. When a relative or a family member comes to know about that his loved one has fallen a prey to drug addiction it proves a shock. 

Right after discovering the fact his loved one is taking drugs and that’s why behaving windy and creepy, the treatment of addict starts on. Various clinics are doing the job with somehow better results and claiming that the addict would not start on abusing drugs after treatment. In some cases it works and in some the results are nothing but a con trick. It has been found that the addicts after getting treatment from such rehab center again start abusing drugs and alcohol. Narconon is an organization that gives a guarantee for 6 months of not relapsing to addiction after a thorough recovery treatment.

Unlike typical methods of treatment of addicts, narconon fresh start program enables addicts quit addiction in the rest of their lives. The fresh start program is a unique method as addicts are here given special and personal attention helping them talk their issues and resolve their matters. A client gets recovery within 3 to 4 months within fresh start program.

The graduates after getting recovery reviewed the fresh start program a guarantee of restoration. The family members of these rehabilitated addicts are happy for their loved ones are living a sober life with a boosting energy and power.

Some critics review the narconon fresh start a scam and a drama claiming that the rehab centers working on this program are busy accumulating money via charity organizations. They call the program unsafe and dirty, further they keep on mentioning that not qualified doctors are available to treat the addicts. But all these tarnish the reputation of narconon fresh start program, because the success rate of 70% makes people take their addicted loved ones to Narconon rehab center.

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