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Drug Rehabilitation Program

Drug Rehabilitation Program
Narconon Fresh Start is truly a drug rehabilitation and prevention program that takes individuals from an abusive life of alcohol, drugs and chaos, to a life of positive purpose and direction. The rehab plan at Narconon drug rehabilitation centers provides complete physical, mental and spiritual recovery from substance abuse. The program is not all about medications and prescriptions given to addicts rather it spotlights altering the attitude and character building. Therefore the Narconon centers comprise all methods and mechanisms that are necessary to carry out the recovery process from a scratch to the ultimate conclusion. While the experts cure patients by eliminating cravings for drugs, the proficient counselors and therapists enable them to restore themselves back into a happy, healthy and drug free life.

An Innovative Drug Rehabilitation Philosophy

  Narconon Fresh Start program has formulated a drug rehabilitation philosophy which is independent of any previous model. Narconon rehab program has truly and ultimately changed the concept of portraying addicts with an incurable and fatal disease that is impossible to be treated. Instead the program through its educational philosophy work on restoring the health of their clients by confronting and discovering causes of addiction and the behavior associated with it. After focusing on root causes that are drawing the client from life to death, the clients are enabled to overcome and resolve their tendencies to addictive behavior.

Treating Addicts and Alcoholics as Students

The clients or patients may enter Narconon Fresh Start program as addicts or alcoholics, but during their stay at Narconon rehabilitation centers they become students through a bundle of educational Life Skills program. In addition to recreational activities such as playing cards or watching movies and taking part in pool deck, Jacuzzi, fitness center, jogging path, and sports, the emphasis is always on restoring the clients to positive way of life. The participants not only go through a lot of individual hard work on their way to recovery, they also learn to interact socially with their peers in the program by helping each other through various courses of the program.

The clients gather for dining and playing which develop and enhance social interaction among them. This allows them to learn how to become good productive team members and how to build constructive relationships. They graduate drug rehab program truly rehabilitated without the need to exploit any abusive sticky tags of drug addict or alcoholic but they are proud to be a productive and responsible member of their communities and their families.


Currently Narconon rehab centers are functioning world-wide and facilitating their clients with all essential facilities to enable them to play an active part in the fight against drug addiction. Narconon program is highly successful and is lauded all over the world for its effectiveness. Due to the implementation of cognitive behavioral modification model, 76% success rate has been accomplished in true rehabilitation and hence Narconon drug rehabilitation centers, by serving as life savior, have a proven record of success for over 45 years.

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